Thursday, May 10, 2012

Fisher-Price's The Power Of "Interactive" Play Parenting Workshop 2012

Yes, it's back this year. The Fisher-Price's Power of "Interactive" Play Parenting Workshop for 2012. They did organised it last year but I was only able to attend the preview / press release and not the workshop since it clashed with Kay's nap time. Now that Kay and Zen are older, I was hoping that hubby is able to take care of  both kids while I attend the workshop. :-)

If you did not attend it last year, you may want to consider going this year. The workshop is targeting parents and expectant mothers who are interested to learn how about children development through play. They will be sharing the benefits of play through 5 development stages ie Sensory Stimulation, Sitting & Reaching, Speech Development, On the Go and Walker & Rider.

The workshop will be held on Saturday June 16, 2012 at the Grand Ballroom, Empire Hotel Subang. The one ajoining Empire Shopping Gallery. You can check the location map here. Time would be from 10:00am till 1:30pm. The price of the workshop is RM60 per adult and you will also get a goodie bag that's worth RM100 too. You can book your seats through or call 03-7803 5310 / 012-292 1378. Speaking of which, I should go and book my ticket soon before I forget!

Children are allowed to "attend" the workshop FOC though they must be supervised. Hmmm, I probably won't be bringing the kids there as I am sure to be distracted if they were there.

For this workshop, Fisher-Price had once again invited Ms Carrie E Lupoli, who is also the Founder of Live & Learn (Singapore). I'm glad they did. She's very friendly, patient and has a great sense of humor. I guess you need lots of that in her line of work :-) When I met her last year, she came across as very knowledgeable and was able to give good advises. So I was hoping that I am able to attend the workshop this year.

With active kids like mine, I am all for the idea of learning through play. Both Zen and Kay are not the type who would sit down quietly and do coloring or listen to a story. In fact, they don't like to do coloring unlike lots of kids because they said it takes "too long"! And their idea of bedtime story is to act it out instead of just listening to me reading to them... So these days, bedtime stories are impromptu and very animated.

And I'm running out of ideas of how to use play in helping them develop. Which is why I am pretty much glad to hear that the workshop is here again. Looking forward to getting some tips on the activities and tools to incorporate interactive play with children.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Our Trip To Cameron Highlands With Boba

We were in Cameron Highlands recently. Was just a short trip of 3D2N. Hubby and I needed the break and the kids welcomed the getaway too :-) In fact, Zen was requesting to stay for another 2 nights! Stayed at Strawberry Park Resort and it was lovely. The rooms were huge considering the limited land for development and the service were excellent. And to top it up, the weather was just right, wasn't too wet nor hot.
Oh, just in case you were wondering, Boba is not one of our friends who went with us to Cameron Highlands. Boba is this lovely brand that carries baby wraps and carriers. They have just landed in Malaysia and is worth checking out. You can find them at major baby retail stores around Klang Valley.

Boba was introduced to me by a good friend and I immediately fell in love with the designs. They are super cool and I can still look fashionable while carrying my daughter! I was considering between the baby wraps and the carrier but since there's a high chance that Zen too wanted to be carried (he's almost 5 years old and weighs about 17 kg), I thought the carrier would be more suitable. :-) For those who have infants or toddlers, you may want to consider the baby wraps for it 's made of cotton and spandex, making the child snug comfortably close to you and at the same time, you will feel that its weight is distributed evenly.

A few years ago, after suffering from some major back pain as a result from carrying Zen (too much?) when he was a baby, I made a decision there and then not to carry him too much, or anything heavy for too long, for that matter. I was then advised to get a baby carrier as they are able to distribute baby's weight while being carried. And so I started looking for some baby carriers. My friend loan me one to try it out. It was those backpack type and Zen didn't quite like it. In the end, my MIL made (yes, she sew it herself) me those sarong sling. While it did serve its purpose, it was solely for in-house only, if you know what I mean. :D

When I had Kay, she too was like her brother, wanting me to carry her around. And things get bad when the kids were sick. Both wanted to be carried! I was so afraid that my poor arms might end up requiring physical therapy just from all those carrying. So you see how desperately I was. And when I got this Boba carrier, it made carrying the kids so much easier and fun too. It's very light and can be adjusted to fit your body. And the outer materials were very comfortable not only to the child but also to the wearer.

And when we were at Cameron Highlands, walking around town was made easy. You see, Kay has a tendency to demand to be carried if we were just walking from point A to point B. Once we reached our destination, she'll want to come down and walk / run around. With the carrier, getting her in and out of it was hassle-less. I used to be afraid of going on trips because I know I will have to carry her so much but now, I look forward to the trips. And it's machine washable too. Ahhh, maintainence-free. Lovely.
Adjusting the foot straps...
Yes, there are foot straps so that you child's legs won't be left dangling uncomfortably
The chest strap for added security.
Having the carrier to fit both hubby and I was easily done.
All it took was just a few adjustments of the straps.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Some Updates

Wow! Didn't realise that I had been "missing" from my blog for so long! Life has been quite hectic with the Kay in her terrible twos and Zen needing more time with his preschool work. He's only 5 and he has homework, though not often!! But still, he's only a kid! The last thing I want is for him to hate school. I still think our system emphasize too much on academic excellence. The teachers at his school always tell me that he may not be able to catch up if they don't give him so much work. I wonder if the new primary school system which is supposed to focus on students thinking and speaking skills rather than writing is being practiced... I really do hope so.

Since Zen has started preschool, he gets sick once a month on average... and then he pass it to his sister and their mummy is so exhausted after every round. And then it starts all over! But now hat I have started giving Zen prebiotics, I can see improvements. He doesn't fall sick so often.

These days, mornings are spent with Kay, house chores and preparing lunch and afternoons when Kay is asleep, it's Zen's turn with his homework and his online games! His current interest is this online role playing game called poptropica. But he is not able to understand the conversations very well so guess who has to do the explanation.

The only me-time is at night after clearing the toys and cleaning the mess etc. Recently I have also started ghostwriting. Don't pay much but it's kinda fun and I do get to learn quite a lot. It's just that I have to put in much time to do the researches. So like they say, 24 hours is not enough! :-)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Kids Are Sure Honest

The other day I brought Zen and Kay to the pasar malam. Wanted to get some fruits and fish. Oh, do you realise how expensive fish had gotten?! The fishmonger even told me that it has and will steadily rise towards CNY. When I ask if the price will come down after CNY, he said he wasn't sure... Hmmmm... But enough of see lai talk :-)

Anyway, we were walking towards the fruit stall when we saw the man walking in front of us (think he was in his 50s) threw his finished cup of drink on the ground. Zen's first reaction was "Mummy, why did he throw that onto the floor?" I was disgusted and so was my boy. the difference was that this boy of mine talks spoke out loud. I paused a little and saw that the not-so-civic-minded uncle did not turn around or think that my son was talking about him despite being only 2 steps behind. There was another auntie who was walking towards us who heard Zen's comments and turned around to look at who he was talking about :-)

So I continue walking and temporarily abandoned my plan to buy the fruits (the uncle stopped at the fruits stall). But I also took the opportunity to talk to zen about the act eg "was it right" and "where should he had thrown it?" :-)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Penang Property and Real Estate

A good friend of mine is planning to get marry this year and I am very happy for her. They had been dating for almost 10 years now and to us (and I am sure to their parents as well), it is about time they got married! They were college sweethearts and were each other's first boyfriend / girlfriend. How sweet...

Since both of them are from Penang, they will be having the wedding in Penang. Yippee, and I get an excuse to go up to Penang. Perhaps I can persuade hubby to take a few days off and we can stay a little longer. It has been ages since I last visited Penang.

As for my friend, she said that they will be moving back to Penang after they are married. She will be working at her husband's family business and so, now they are looking around for some good
Penang property. She had been checking online for some properties to buy or at least rent around Gelugor. There is this website called Propwall that she had been frequenting and she was telling me that it was one of the better ones so far. She gave me a few condominium names and asked if I could give her my opinions about them. So I happily went into that website and looked at some of the condos that she had mentioned. Gosh, some of them are asking for over RM1 million for a furnished condo!! I hope her husband is a wealthy man! :-)

As for the website, I like the layout and it' s pretty well-organised. There are quite a lot of different properties ie condominiums, houses, offices, shops, factories and even lands, though there are more of the first types of properties than the others. What I find most helpful about this website is the amount of pictures and also the vast information available about the properties, from location to maintenance fee to nearby amenities and so forth. What I also like is that the articles are unbiased. They do not concentrate only on the positive parts of the properties but also highlight the cons as well eg if it is near polluted areas. So I guess I would recommend this website to those who are seeking properties around major cities in Malaysia, especially if you don't have the time to personally visit all these properties yourself.